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Join the revolution! Explore the platform that gives you the freedom to create the ultimate website!

True to create
the website you really want

Design and craft your own professional website using the powerful WordPress CMS. Choose from hundreds of pre-made templates and modules, and customize your site to fit your needs! Whether you are a business owner, blogger, photographer, or just a regular old Joe, the Craftir Site Builder won't let you down!

Craft Your Site, Your Way

Don't let default themes restrict your work-flow!


Customized Freedom

With the Craftir editor, you can add the exact features your site needs!

User Friendly

The Craftir Editor is designed to ensure anyone can use it with ease! Just drag, drop and edit until your heart is content!

Raw Power

The Craftir Editor is unmatched in it's extensive usability and functionality. It's powerful features ensure your site turns out exactly how you want it to!

What's Craftir Got?

Connect Your Domain

Premium Craftir users have the option to attach their own domain to their website.

No Code Needed!

You don't need to know a single line of code to use Craftir! But, we also offer the option to use custom HTML for those who do!

Site Analytics

With Google Analytics integration, you can track all sorts of data from your site in a hassle-free dashboard!


Need to build an online store? Craftir offers top of the line eCommerce software just for that need!

Top Notch Support

Craftir's support team is always here to help you when you're in need!


Have a question? We should have an answer!

Is it easy to build a website?

Yes! It is super easy to build a website, and with Craftir on your side, our easy to use builder tools will help you to craft a stunning and professional website in no time!

Can I use Craftir to create a landing page?

You sure can! Craftir is great for crafting all sorts of websites! From a professional business site, eCommerce store, personal portfolio or even a blog, we've got you covered!

Should I use an online builder or just get a web developer?

Well, with Craftir, you don't need a web developer. Our user-friendly page editor should provide you with all the tools you need! If you need more functionality than we provide, you could always check out our partner, Lancaster Web Development, and they can hook you up with anything you need for a price that fits into your budget!

Is there a way to make my website mobile friendly?

Yep! Craftir sites are always designed in a "mobile first" manner. This means that regardless of how you design your site with us, it should always look great on smaller devices! And, to top it all off, with our Mobile Editor system, you can edit the mobile layout even more!

Can I create a website for free?

You sure can! Craftir offers an AMAZING free website to any and all of it's customers. When you sign up for a free website, you are provided with all the tools you need, and a free domain so anyone can visit your site.

But, I don't know how to code! How am I going to make a website?!

With Craftir, you don't need to know a single line of code to build a stunning website! Our editor tools make it super easy for anyone to log in, and get craftin'! And, if you do know how to code, you can enhance your website even further with our Custom HTML modules!

I want a custom domain. How do I get this?

You can make a free website with a domain, or purchase one of our premium plans and use your own domain! Using your own domain gives your site more street cred, and looks better for your audience though.

How can I get on Google?

Craftir makes it super simple to get your website found on Google. With Craftir's SEO tools, we ensure that every part of your site follows the important SEO rules and keywords to get you found online.

Different question?

Not seeing your question in our list? This can happen from time to time! Some questions are unique, and haven't been asked before so, why not submit your question to our support team? We will review your question and get an answer to you right away!